Specific questions regarding the Infernoptix may be directed to
The Infernoptix screen and name are trademarks of NAO Design, Palo Alto, CA.
This product was conceived, designed, and produced at NAO in early 2006.

Want One?
Although this is neither a production item, nor recommended for the average consumer, custom-built screens of virtually any size and style can be specially produced. In addition, the model shown here is available for individual events in the western U.S. Contact us at the address above for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is that safe?
      -Yes. With proper care and operation, flame effects are one of the safest
        forms of pyrotechnics. In capable hands it's as safe as a barbeque grill.
Is it legal?
      -Usually. But as always, pyrotechnics must be operated in accordance
        with local fire codes.
Can I buy one?
      -Maybe. See above.
How's it work?
      -Its complicated. See the About page.
Why does this exist?
      -If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

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